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David Prestridge



Mr. David Prestridge,  a native Chattanoogan, graduated from Southwestern Theological Seminary and from St. Catherine’s Orthodox Seminary with a Masters’ degree in Sacred Theology. He is also a graduate of the Harvard Medical School programs for Stress Management and Lifestyle Medicine. 

David has been studying and practicing the internal martial art of Tai-Ji with Dr. Zibin Guo and Mr. Steve Long since 2005. Mr. Long is a well known Tai-Ji instructor, and Dr. Guo is one of the most highly ranked and respected teachers in China and the United States. 

David began Tai-Ji for health reasons. He was diagnosed at one point with a total arterial blockage. With continued study and practice of Tai-Ji his condition not only improved, but was completely reversed. 

David taught Tai-Ji in Chattanooga with the city’s Tai-ji in the park program since its inception. He is a very enthusiastic proponent of Tai-Ji, and a serious, experienced practitioner and teacher. A firm believer in the healing, regenerative and strengthening powers of Tai-Ji, he teaches a form of Tai- Ji specifically for beginning students. He continues in his study of this ancient art in order to provide the highest standard of teaching to his students.


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