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Yang Style Sword - Overhead Block

Although the application of each move has its origins in the Martial Arts, the slow and graceful movements of Tai Ji are primarily designed to provide the practitioner with a method of achieving a healthier body, mind and spirit.

The powerful therapeutic effect of Tai-Ji Quan that led to the well being of the mind and body are credited to the characteristics of the movements.

These well-coordinated and relaxed body movements are slow and uninterrupted like flowing streams and moving clouds.

These movements require a high degree of concentration. The mind is tranquil but alert, with consciousness directing the body movements.

Deep abdominal breathing is performed in rhythmic harmony with the body movements, creating a unified flow of energy.

Throughout the world, millions of people from all walks of life, practice this ancient form of exercise. Regardless of age, gender or physical fitness, Tai Ji Quan is practiced both at dawn and at dusk to improve their physical and mental strength.

Practitioners learn about themselves and the nature of the world and enrich their quality of life. Tai Ji is a Way of Life.



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